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Five Questions with Brett AndersonBrett Anderson

Tell us a bit about how you came to know the Lord. "I was blessed to be raised in a Chrisitan home. I made a decision to ask Christ into my life at the age of 6, when Alfred Smith (pastor of our small Baptist Church in Miles City, MT) preached a pretty vivid picture of what hell would be like...I decided I would like to choose the alternative! After hearing what Jesus did for me on the cross (even at the early age), I chose to make God the boss of my life."

How long have you been at Lakewood/on the worship team? "1 1/2 years"

What instrument do you play/where do you serve with the team? "Singing-mostly tenor"

Why should someone consider serving on the worship team? "If singing, playing an instrument, sound or audio/visual are any kind of passion for you...I would encourage you to explore worship team! With my wife Julie's support, I have been honored to serve on the worship teams in many of the towns we have lived in (Marshall, Thief River Falls, Duluth, Phoenix and now here at Lakewood). Every church is a little different, but the blessing to me in serving this way is always above what I expect or deserve. My ability to hear music is better than my ability to read it, and our worship leadership is always so gracious to me.

You truly cannot out-give God, and worship team is no exception. When we get to help lead, the blessing comes back to us tenfold in many ways. Sometimes it is our own journey as we prepare for the upcoming service. Sometimes it is what God shows us from the Sunday morning platform a member lifting their heart in praise, a child singing out, a husband or wife broken by the news they just heard from a doctor, a single mom in tears as she is just trying to get through another week...these are things you don't often see from the pew, but God places them on our hearts from the platform as we lead. Every team leader can relate as I recently visited with a Lakewood member and her husband and expressed my appreciation for they way that they encourage each of us up front with their sincere expressive heart of worship...she simpley replied 'just practicing for eternity.'"

What songs are on your playlist right now? "I'm kind of still stuck in the 90's, so anything Steven Curtis Chapman, Fernando Orgega, Sara Groves, etc will always give me pause."