Weekday Classes

Weekday adult classes for men, women, and co-ed meet from September-May.

Wednesday evening classes for adults, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

FAQs (Faithfully Asked Questions)

Video link for all sessions

Worksheets (pdf)

FAQ #16 - Why did Jesus die? What is the ‘atonement’?

FAQ #15 - What does the Lord's Prayer teach us?

FAQ #14 - How is Jesus fully God AND fully man?

FAQ #13 - Is Serving Important?

FAQ #12 - Is Jesus God?

FAQ #11 - What is Sound Doctrine? What is False?

FAQ #10 - What is the value of reading Scripture publicaly?

FAQ #9 - What is God like?

FAQ #8 - Why memorize Scripture?

FAQ #7 - Believe and Teach Trinity?

FAQ #6 - How do I study the Bible?

FAQ #5 - How do I faithfully interpret the Bible?

FAQ #4 - Personal Bible Reading

FAQ #3 - Telling the Truth

FAQ #2 - Posture toward Scripture

FAQ #1 - Bible say about Itself

For more information contact Ardie, aswanson@lefcmail.com or 218-829-7251.

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