Healing the Heart of Your Church Seminar

Healing the Heart of Your Church Seminar

Date: Saturday February 22, 2020
Time: 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Location: Lakewood Church
Coordinator: Katie Cople | | Email

The Transition Team invites you to join them for the Healing the Heart of Your Church Seminar. Join us either Saturday, 2/22 8 AM-12 PM OR Sunday, 2/23 5-9 PM (participation in both days is not necessary). This seminar will introduce biblical teaching that looks at a local church from God’s perspective. God sees each church as a corporate whole. For churches in pain, it is critical that we understand the divine significance of that pain and how the scriptures help us discern this.

The seminar will be casual, discussion based, and facilitated by Mark Barnard from Blessing Point Ministries

At  the seminar you will:

  1. Learn the eternal significance of being a child of God and belonging to the “Body of Christ.”
  2. Understand how the church is different from any other organization or group in the world.
  3. See the spiritual significance of the history of our church and how Christ has been speaking through that history.
  4. Understand corporate pain and why painful things may have happened (and kept on happening) historically in our church and what you can do about it now.
  5. Grow in your understanding of spiritual leadership, its unique authority, and how God empowers it to work for the good of His Body.
  6. Learn how to obey what the Lord is saying to our church, watch Him heal our corporate body, restore it to health and wholeness, and ready ourselves for the things God has planned for us to do in our community.

We hope your participation in this seminar will be helpful to you, as well as our church as a whole, as we seek God together.