Lakewood's Story

In the early 1960s, a burden was placed in the hearts of some of God’s people for an evangelical witness in the Baxter, Minnesota area. In 1963, the John Hansens, Larry Gilbertsons, and Wallace Christensens began to pray and hold Bible studies in the Christensen's home.

As God continued to lead, a Sunday School was started in late 1964 at the Baxter School. Soon evening services were added on Sundays as Rev. Vanderpoel came from Lincoln Evangelical Free Church. It wasn't long before the Lord raised up Rev. Dick Selin to act as pastor of the new work. During 1965, the Selins were called to the Congo under the Overseas Missions Department of the EFCA.

In August of 1965, these three families initiated the steps to incorporate as the Lakewood Evangelical Free Church, and they called their first full time pastor, Rev. David Martin. Still meeting in Baxter School, they purchased a home in Baxter for the parsonage.

Things really began to move under the able ministry of the Martins. In June 1966, a beautiful three-acre tract of land was purchased to build a church. Ground breaking was held in October of the same year. The congregation, which was growing rapidly, put their shoulders to the wheel and did almost all of the work on the new facility themselves.

During the years since the Bible study in Wallace Christensen's home, the Lord has proved Himself faithful many times over. An evangelical witness has indeed been raised up in the area and stands today as a lighthouse for Jesus Christ.