Ted Feyder
Worship Pastor
Ted Feyder

Pastoral Staff, Staff, Worship Ministry

Married to Micky with two sons, Sam & Will, and has two granddaughters.

Favorite part of job: Playing with the Worship team during Thursday rehearsals and Sunday mornings, as well as working with our support staff on the many details of life around Lakewood.  

  • Has seen God show up without fail in very sweet and obvious ways every week for over 10 years.  
  • The oldest of seven children, including five sisters. 
  • Loves to hunt, fish, and canoe. 
  • Taught a biblical counseling class to Kenyan pastors on a short-term mission team to Mombasa. 
  • Once sang a favorite Neil Young song in the shower room of the Minnesota Timberwolves with an original member of the group Crazy Horse, who was also Bruce Springsteen's guitar player.