Five Questions with Howie Jacobs

Tell us a bit about how you came to know the Lord. "I"ve nearly always known God was in control of my live, even through my fight with cancer at age 21. But I asked Him into my heart during a 'Mind of Christ' study at Lakewood around 2000."

How long have you been at Lakewood/on the worship team? "I've been on the worship team since we have been doing the computer/screens. Probably 12 years or more."

What instrument do you play/where do you serve with the team? "Keyboard (computer) and mouse."

Why should someone consider serving on the worship team? "It's a great place to serve and see the direct effect of your work. It's fun!"

What songs are on your playlist right now? "I really don't do playlists. It's the radio and iHeart Radio. I'm sort of old school. I listen to mostly country music."