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Five Questions with Mitchell Scott

Tell us a bit about how you came to know the Lord. "I became a Christian in college through some roommates   of mine that were Christians."

How long have you been at Lakewood/on the worship team? "I've been on the worship team about 2 1/2 years.      I joined shortly after I arrived here from California.""

What instrument do you play/where do you serve with the team? "I play the drums, and sometimes the mandolin, and sometimes other stuff if needed. I play many instruments but those two are my favorite to play."

Why should someone consider serving on the worship team? "Playing on the worship team is the only chance I have to play with other people and I really enjoy that. Music is better with other people!"

What songs are on your playlist right now? "I mostly listen to Metal music so I won't list that here...l do enjoy David Crowder and Jon Foreman though.