Parish Nurse

Ministering to Lakewood and our surrounding community, providing spiritual, physical and emotional care in the name of Jesus Christ.lakewood-parishnurse-icon-web

Spiritual Ministry

We bring together faith and health, offering compassionate support and presence through listening and prayer for those in need. We make visits to homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted-living facilities.

Physical Ministry

We provide education about health issues, such as CPR & AED training, advance directives/living wills, Medicare, and other important lifestyle changes to maintain good health.

We assist individuals and families in locating community resources for health care information and options, and network with community agencies and ministries.

Emotional Ministry

We discuss issues and problems with individuals to help them through the health care system.

We provide information and support to families during late pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care with new mom visits by an R.N.

We develop support groups and training leaders for chronic illness, mental health, weight management, and GriefShare support.

Please Note: The Parish Nurse ministry is not a substitute for pastoral care, medical care, community health nursing, hospice, or social agencies. This ministry does not provide physical care, administer medications, draw blood, give injections or do any invasive procedures. We do not charge or accept a fee.

EMAIL the church office for more information.