"If we could ask Lakewood men to engage in only two ways, they would be:

  • meeting together regularly for corporate worship on Sundays (i.e. preaching, singing, communion, prayer, offering, etc.) and
  • meeting together regularly with two or three other men to encourage each other toward being more committed disciples of Jesus."  

-- Lakewood Elders (2011)

Cohorts are small goups of men coming together during the week to get into God's Word, share their lives, and pray for each other.  Ask any man who has been a part of a Cohort, and you will hear how incredibly valuable it has been for their spiritual growth.


We believe having other “go-to” guys in our lives will help us become the men God is developing us to be.  Because this is not the norm for most men, we want to provide a way for this to begin and then take off organically.

If you are interested in being part of a Cohort, the best option would be to recruit a group of guys you already know.  If you don't know many guys, fill out the form HERE and we will try to match you up.